I think this is perfect song to sum up this weekend. You've got a music video full of snow and the desire for some summer to get there already. And at the same time, it's a perfect name to go along with the super bowl champions. Plus, it's the Breeders from back in the day when those Deal sisters were awesome.

Song 1070- "Saints" by the Breeders


Hey, I'm back. I really need to learn a way to do 10kdays posts while I'm out and about in the world. Getting to do them only at night is #1 reason for me missing posts. Gotta figure out something.

Here's a song that I could have swore that I posted about eons ago but a quick google check tells me that I have never written about this one. I enjoy the band Say Anything. They have a great sense of humor and you can tell they have their tongue firmly in their cheek but they play it so straight. I love their tunes and here's my fave.

Song 1069- "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too" by Say Anything


The other day I wrote about how I didn't know that Ken Ober had died. Well, chalk up today's post in the same column. I was reading the wonderous wikipedia and looking at the already huge list of people who died in 2010. I was shocked to see the list included Jim Korthe, the lead singer of 3rd Strike. I remember what a phenomenal song "No Light" was. Back in the day, I used to pick up a lot of promotional CDs that record companies would send to the record stores to try and get the buzz out for their bands and I can remember 3rd Strike being a band that was all over the place. They were being used in X-Games promotions. They were all over the metal promotion CDs and I really enjoyed that song. I was shocked that I didn't hear more from them, but then again, that's what you got from those CDs often (bands who sound good but often vanish). It's always sad to see the loss of musical potential. He had an awesome voice. He was a reformed gang member who turned his life around. R.I.P. Jim Korthe.

Song 1068- "No Light" by 3rd Strike


My favorite red headed bassist is back. I'm talking about Melissa Auf der Maur. She was the go-to bassist of the 90's. After the death of Kristen Pfaff, MADM was the replacement and became such a pivotal part of the Hole sound. I think her addition is one of the things that made Celebrity Skin far better than Live Through This. Then MADM moved on to being in the Smashing Pumpkins and gave them something they never had- a bassist who could really play. Now, she's on her own and she's got a concept album on the way and a film to go with it. I love multimedia experiences, so I love MADM even more today than yesterday. Here is the song that her new album/film/comic book all sprung from:

Song 1067- "Out of our Minds" by Melissa Auf der Maur


I often miss out on news. I watch the news but I'm usually focused on finding out the weather and I miss out on things. Today was another example as I just found out that Ken Ober died...two months ago. How did I miss out on that????

Song 1066- "Hook" by Blues Traveler


I love checking out record company websites and finding those bands that are on the label but haven't gotten their names out onto the musical landscape yet. For instance, I recently went to the website of Victory Records. I have been a fan of Victory for years from back when the label included Grade, Thursday and Taking Back Sunday. Nowadays, Victory's lineup is headed up by bands like Otep, Bayside and Between the Buried and Me. Also among their ranks is a Sweden band called Sister Sin. They are a metal band but they are not at all your traditional Scandinavian metal band as their sound is a throwback to 80's hair metal. I describe them as what would've happened if Motley Crue had replaced Vince Neil with Doro Pesch. I still have a place in my heart for that sound and it's great to hear a band making it fresh and new.

Song 1065- "One out of Ten" by Sister Sin


A while back I posted Aiden's cover of "Cry Little Sister" and it was worth noting because it was in the Lost Boys II soundtrack and it was a cover of this spectacular song. The only problem was that it was only an okay cover. It lacked a lot of the song. It was a full of potential as it's a song that screams out for a darker more metal rendition but Aiden's version didn't fully deliver. Thankfully there's a band who was able to. They are called Seasons After. They are from Kansas and they are poised to make a name for themselves on the musical landscape and having this cover on their new album may be just the thing to get them noticed. It's how I learned about them.

Song 1064- "Cry Little Sister" by Seasons After


So, last night I didn't post a song and there was a damn good reason as I was on a very good date. During last night's date, my date said that she had been checking out 10kdays and saw that I really like the heavy music and I had to agree with her. Lately I have been knee deep in the mashup and pop and electronica and I think I need to spend a little time with that heavy music, so I'm gonna to post about 5 bands that aren't the biggest names but I enjoy because they bring the energy and crunch that I look for. One such band is Norma Jean. Now many people may be turned off by the fact that they are a Christian metal band. The song I posted today includes lyrics like "Let's break out the shotguns, we're going to town/ You've given us user friendly grenades/ So just what are you trying to say?" You see, the whole Christian thing is easy to ignore. Rock out.

Song 1063- "A Grand Scene For A Color Film" by Norma Jean


It's a very busy night in the land of Niveous so I need to quickly put up a song. What would it sound like if Three Days Grace and Flyleaf were the same band? I think the result would be...

Song 1062- "Hero" by Skillet


What does rock band Sick Puppies have in common with Disney starlets like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus? Antonina Armato. She's a songwriter who has written for lots of Disney productions like Camp Rock and High School Musical 2. How did she end up working with a post-grunge rock band whose known for having songs used by the WWE? I'm not sure but she has a co-writing credit on most of the songs on their new album Tri-Polar. It just goes to show that it's not just the pop bands that are taking advantage of the recent resurgence of songwriters.

Song 1061- "You're Going Down" by Sick Puppies